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Bits About Socks
- Aug 16, 2018 -

Fashion people, are you still looking at the socks on the socks? For a person who really cares about the quality of life, in addition to the external glamorous, the internal raw material demand can not be reduced. Today's move is for you all about the socks.

Cloth resolution


Usually refers to socks containing 60%~85% cotton, and added functional fibers such as nylon, spandex, polyester, nylon to enhance elasticity. Often used for outdoor activities, it is the best choice for everyday wear. However, because cotton absorbs sweat, it is not easy to dry. Once the cloth is wet, there is no temperature barrier, which makes the blisters on the feet.

Wool Wool

Due to the warmth of the raw material of wool, it is very suitable for winter wear. It is both breathable and comfortable. It is suitable for all kinds of strap shoes, such as Oxford and Derby. It is only necessary to clean it, and it needs a professional wool cleaner.

Nylon Nylon

Made entirely of chemically finished nylon, it is soft and flexible. However, due to the poor permeability of nylon socks, from the beginning of the late 1980s, it was gradually replaced by silk and nitrile-blend socks.


Silk men's socks are rare in the mass market, but their elegant luster and excellent comfort constitute the characteristics of high-end men's socks. Often used to deploy more formal evening wear. The only fly in the ointment is that silk is not strong enough and not wearable.

Sock style

How can I pick the right socks?

Very simple, let's use the different length of the socks to determine its purpose. However, you can also use raw materials to distinguish.

Gold finger stockings

One of the most common stocking styles, due to the fact that some of the toes are green or gold.

Long cotton socks

If you don't like silk, long black cotton socks are the choice of matching dress shoes; if you match Oxford shoes, you need diamond-shaped check socks.

Medium black cotton socks

The length is in the middle of the calf, and is most commonly used to style Business Suit.


Traditionally, it is not necessary to wear socks when wearing Loafer, but for the sake of cleaning, this invisible socks will give you a lot of convenience.

Color taboo

Light color

It is usually used for casual and sporty clothing and loafers. When you wear a suit shorts, try to pick up the intent to light colors. If you do a pure white sports dress, the socks must be a white sports socks that are not stained.

Dark color

Gray is a difficult color, and it is a good idea to try to avoid it. Black suits or shoes for blacks can be selected for black socks, while browns are suitable for matching leather shoes and light suits of the same color or burgundy.

Color system

Adjustable with sub-dress and all kinds of shoes, but it is usually used in less formal occasions and in common wear, and sometimes it can be used for color-matching in the whole body.