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Bamboo Charcoal Socks Daily Maintenance Precautions
- Aug 03, 2018 -

1. It is not advisable to contact or use more than 40 degrees Celsius hot water for a long time (more than 3 hours);

2, bamboo fiber socks use less alkaline soap and other washing liquid, do not use strong alkaline and strong acidity, use the general medium (alkali) cleaning supplies;

3, do not use force, squat back and forth;

4. Do not use force to screw after washing, wring it out gently;

5, bamboo fiber socks are very absorbent, socks should be replaced frequently;

6, often trim the toenails;

7. When wearing, turn the sock down, put on the toes and turn the socks back up. It is not advisable to use force.