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Application Field Of Men's Tights
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Although pantyhose is generally considered to be worn only by women, there are still many facts about men wearing pantyhose because of their special relationship, such as:

1. The National Football League athletes will wear them in uniforms in cold weather;

2, hunters and campers in the cold environment used to protect the cold as a base wear;

3. The rider wears to prevent bruises and saddle sores.

4. Diving wear, some divers already know that wearing pantyhose or similar clothes in their wetsuit can reduce the coldness in the water to a certain extent, and can make wearing a diving suit more convenient. Pantyhose can also effectively prevent bruises from being killed by jellyfish. In the past, people mistakenly thought that wearing pantyhose can prevent the jellyfish from being injured because the stinger (snake) of the jellyfish after wearing the pantyhose is not enough for the skin due to insufficient length. It is known by research that it is because of the stinger of the jellyfish. working principle. The stinger cells on the jellyfish tentacles do not start by touching, but are exposed to certain chemical components on the skin.

Winter men's tights winter matching method

There are two main points to pay attention to: one is the ratio, and the other is the color.


Let's talk about the ratio first. For different lengths of men's trousers, we need to choose socks of different lengths. Generally speaking, in the case of trousers, in order to highlight the color of the socks, it is necessary to roll the trousers. This is actually the best policy, and the side of the trousers is also fashionable now. The trousers and the cropped trousers must cover the socks a little, so that the legs will not extend out of the calf as the standard length. Cropped trousers are recommended to choose a shorter pair of socks, which can lengthen the proportion of the legs. If you have a five-pants on your knees, you should choose a longer pair of socks. Since you have given the socks so much space, you should make good use of it.


Let me talk about the color. In fact, for color, fashion ICON don't use too much entanglement, or the same color system, forming a color gradient, or just playing boldly, how to come!