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Analysis Of The Characteristics Of Socks Products
- Aug 07, 2018 -

socks are more important than shoes, but people do not know. A pair of good socks can effectively prevent foot odor, keep your feet dry and comfortable, and even have the effect of preventing sterilization and preventing colds. The importance of socks is generally ignored, so its value is underestimated. If you want to sell your socks at a high price, you must let people know the importance of socks.  socks are like a toothbrush and need to be replaced on time. Even a pair of good socks will gradually lose its original function when it is washed and worn continuously, so it will be replaced with a toothbrush for at least 3 months. Most people don't know this, but they don't wear it until they break through.  socks are small consumer goods and can be seen everywhere. A pair of socks costs a few dollars, and sometimes tens of dollars, and can be seen everywhere, so the delivery of shipping costs is not cost-effective, unless it has an unusual appeal.  Business men's socks are worn inside, generally not seen, and the style is single. Therefore, visual adjectives such as "elegance" are by no means the appeal point of business men's socks, and the feelings of comfort and nature are more touching.  Business men's socks can see a person's taste. Business men's socks are dressed in strict etiquette, and business men's socks are designed to meet these specifications and are obligated to allow users to understand and demonstrate these specifications.  socks are often given as gifts. Good socks are often given as gifts, which means intimate and follow-up.  Business socks are equivalent to high-end socks. This is an inherent impression of people, don't change it easily. People don't know how to judge the quality of socks. Some look at the ingredients, some look at the brand, some look at the price, some rely on the touch, there is no uniform standard.