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After I Am Bread, Another Wonderful Protagonist Debut: This Time Is A Sock
- Nov 05, 2018 -

"The Adventures of Live Treasure Socks" tells the story of a pair of socks brothers who were paired in pairs. Suddenly one less, the other one is very anxious, pick up the weapons around him (including but not limited to rocket launchers, submachine guns, grenades, etc. ) Indiscriminate bombing of all those who blocked him. The game screen is excellent, full of dynamic, with rhythmic music, making this work full of rhythm. At the same time, this game is full of American humor and creativity, and our sock hero can even inflate a guest balloon to get a longer jump distance. Many types of level settings also make this game not boring to play, plus a rich variety of guns and ammunition, will bring a smooth and smooth gaming experience for players. 

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