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What is medical elastic stockings
- Sep 05, 2018 -

1. Introduction to medical elastic stockings

Medical elastic stockings are medical sequential decompression elastic stockings, which promote the blood flow of the lower extremity venous blood through different pressure gradients from the ankle to the thigh, for the prevention of varicose veins, symptom relief and postoperative recovery. Also used for the prevention and treatment of deep venous thrombosis of the lower extremities. For medical devices, the batch number can be found on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration. Anyone who cannot find the batch number on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration is not a medical elastic stocking.

2, the role of medical elastic stockings

(1) Restore the function of the lower extremity vein surgery. Prevent recurrence of varicose veins.

(2) Eliminate edema after various operations and promote wound healing.

(3) Eliminate the symptoms caused by varicose veins, lower extremity venous blood return disorder, and restore the original state of the varicose veins.

(4) Prevention of deep venous thrombosis of lower limbs in patients with long-term bedridden.

(5) Eliminate lower extremity edema in pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy, and prevent varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis in the lower extremities after women's production.

(6) Control of economy class syndrome for passengers on board.

(7) For long standing, sitting, heavy physical labor can reduce the lower limbs soreness and prevent varicose veins of the lower extremities.

(8) For the beauty of the medical elastic stockings also have the function of shaping the legs, to avoid the fat on the legs.

3, the principle of medical elastic socks

Medical sequential decompression elastic stockings are products that promote the function of venous blood return to the heart. Establish the highest support pressure in the ankle and gradually decrease along the leg. The gastrocnemius (calf) is reduced to 70%-90% of the maximum pressure value, and reduced to 25%-45% of the maximum pressure value at the thigh. This diminishing change in pressure can promote venous return of the lower extremities, effectively alleviating or improving the pressure on the venous and venous valves of the lower extremities, so that the clinical symptoms of venous insufficiency are significantly improved, relieving varicose veins, mild ankle swelling, and legs. Leg discomfort caused by related problems such as fatigue, pregnancy edema, etc.

4, elastic stockings material

Like the stockings, the elastic stockings are made of many materials, such as cotton, nylon, and wool blends. The elastic stockings made of nylon or spandex retain the original elasticity and shape. However, nylon is relatively easy to break, and it is very common to scrape on sharp objects and break. The cotton and cotton-wool elastic stockings are more warm. The standard elastic stockings are made with the highest elastic strength at the top (waist) and thicker than the hips. The bottom is also made of strong materials, usually made of cotton. Legs and feet, all to the toes are made with the thinnest weave, thickened at the toes to repair