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What do girls wear in summer to wear hats
- Apr 16, 2018 -

In summer, it is hot and scorching. If you go out, you will sweat. What are the details of wearing a hat for girls? If you wear a printed dress, you can wear a hat with a darker color. If you have a "bangs" in the forehead, the hat should be worn back; if you have eyes, the hat should not choose to have flowers. In addition, the color of the hat should not be the same as that of the dress.

1, a small woman should choose a small hat. If you wear a hat with a hat on it, there must be a upward angle to the brim.

2 tall women, wearing wide brimmed hat best. (Note: the peak width can not exceed the shoulder)

3, women can wear a long face, drooping or a wide brimmed hat, do not wear a top hat or cap.

4, wide face, women can wear the crown slightly higher hat or small brim hat. On the other hand, it is not good.