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What color of socks should a man wear
- Apr 16, 2018 -

First of all, the most important principle is to pay attention to the overall collocation. The socks are at the very bottom of the body and play the role of coherent pants and shoes. It is never like a glittering gold watch or a coloring tie that deliberately attracts other people's eyes. It is always a supporting accessory, only to see it in your casual movement. At that time, its color, texture and cleanliness will mark your taste.

The male socks have the usual rules of wearing: in addition to wearing pants and sports pants, socks should not be exposed; socks should not be too big and too tight; at any time do not break through holes and sock with dirty yellow; when wearing shorts, too long socks will show soil, wear socks below the calf belly, and try not to wake up as much as possible. The purpose is to color, otherwise the hairy legs and deep colored socks are very artificial.

In the dress of suit, the socks should be thin and opaque, and the color has two choices: one. With leather shoes, black leather shoes with dark socks, white shoes must be with white socks; two. With pants color, trousers light color, socks color should be shallow, such as silver gray pants with black leather shoes, still can wear grey socks, very noble and generous; tea color Or beige pants can be matched with beige or light pink socks. If it is sporty dress and lighter pants, it should wear meat color, white and light gray socks. Note: the movement of white dress, white socks must be spotlessly clean. 1. Color. The color of the errors in the loud, so we should pay attention to. The general principle is that the color of trousers, socks and shoes should be coordinated. Is also a kind of argument, like the color of socks, trousers or shoes, basically not wrong. For example, dark colored trousers and black leather shoes, it must be black socks. Brown shoes can be matched with brown or dark gray socks, etc. As for too many common black shoes and white socks, it can only be described without words. Only Michael Jackson can accept it in black shoes and white socks, because he relies on this dress to highlight his feet. As for other people's wear, the British have a special evaluation: that dress is like a donkey's foot. Leisure white socks can only be provided with casual wear and white shoes. Sportswear and white socks are only suitable for sports shoes. Two, the pattern 1, with no formal general patterns, floral patterns or socks. Is the use of double cylinder technology, put forward three-dimensional small floral patterns, far or solid. 2, casual wear can be worn with colorful socks, just with clothes and shoes. If the clothes are very fancy, the socks are very elegant, do not let the socks take the color of the clothes; but if the clothes are relatively simple, the socks can have some patterns or lively patterns, such as the European popular socks in this year embroidered small crab, that is rather smoldering ah. 3, sports socks usually exaggerate, and express vitality and vitality with big patterns and bright lines. Three, the hosiery in the western countries is generally higher than the domestic, because in the dress etiquette, man's leg hair or dew, is very unrefined, the equivalent of a woman's walk. Men wear western style clothes or casual wear to wear at least 22cm stockings. If it's a very formal occasion, a formal dress or a formal dress is required. If you are in general leisure, home and jogging, you can wear medium and short socks around 16cm. If it's badminton, table tennis and so on, it usually wears 10cm short ankle sports socks to ankles. If you are living at home, or wearing some lightweight shoes and some special sports such as rock climbing, you need to recommend 5cm socks. Four, materials and socks should be matched with clothing. If it is a thick wool or corduroy suit, it should be with the appropriate thickness of cotton or wool socks. If you wear thin light colored Western-style clothes, you need to match thin socks. Five, products, if your summer white shirts and white round collar T-shirts are washed yellow, you can't wear them. Socks are also like this. Don't wear it to break. After washing N times, the stocking mouth is loose and thin. It must be changed. The more high-grade socks, the less chemical fibers, the less wearable.