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Weaving of the sock
- Sep 06, 2018 -

According to the different structure of the sock, the sock can be divided into a flat needle double socks, a ribbed sock, an elastic rib, an elastic fake welt and a fancy rhout. The caliber of the sock is different depending on the type of the sock. When the stocking is worn, the sock is located in the thigh, so the caliber is large. The stockings and socks are worn under the knees and crotch, so the caliber is small. The knitting methods of several main socks are introduced as follows:

First, the knitting of the flat needle double socks

The flat needle double motor sock is a flat needle structure, but since the flat needle tissue has curling property, the flat needle sock is generally double-layered. The flat needle double socks are woven on a single needle sock machine. It can be woven on a sock machine with only the sock needle and the foot piece on the syringe. It can also be woven on a flower sock machine, using jacquard pieces for needle selection, and weaving anti-separation tuck organization. The main process of weaving this kind of socks is to open the mouth and tie.

1. Flat needle folding socks machine needle triangle device

A needle, a foot piece and a jacquard piece are arranged on the barrel. The hosiery needle is configured with a long cymbal in the half cycle of the syringe and a short cymbal in the other half of the circumference. The triangle A acts on the piece of the jacquard piece to raise the needle to the height of the retraction. The yarn is pressed and fed through the upper middle triangle B, and then a new coil is formed along the curved triangle C, rising along the panel E, and triangles F, G and H are attached for the opening and the mouth.

2, tie needle triangle seat

The tie needle triangle seat is a triangle for controlling the radial movement of the tie needle in the needle tray. The tying dial is located above the syringe and below the broaching triangle, which is concentric with the syringe. Triangular I, J, and K only work when opening and tying, and other timeliness do not work in the triangle. The triangle K removes the tie needle and hooks the yarn, so it acts when the mouth is opened.

3. The process of opening the sock

This kind of sock is a single stocking so that before each sock starts to weave, the stitch of the last sock is completely removed from the needle, and the closed tongue must be fully opened in order to open the mouth.