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The stand or fall that silk socks quality differentiates
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Stockings are always ever-changing, preaching women's femininity and enchanting, expressing women's pursuit of fashion and the taste of life. The quality and comfort of stockings is based on high technology, and the price difference is mainly in this respect. High-grade imported stockings are much better than domestic low-end stockings in terms of material, design concept, wearing feeling and service life.

How to distinguish the quality of elastic stockings

Low-end stockings - 5 yuan 1 pair in the small commodity wholesale market.

Mid-range - domestic and joint venture mid-range stockings from a dozen yuan to tens of dollars a pair.

High-grade - the price of imported silk stockings from 80 yuan to more than 100.

The highest even sells for more than 500 yuan.

The quality of the stockings determines the quality of the stockings, that is, the quality of the yarn. Like crystal silk, silk core silk and velvet, in the end, all are elastic fibers, all nylon. The key is to look at the quality and technical content of nylon. The most original crystal silk will be loosened after a few times, and there will be bulging in the knees and heels. The raw material price is naturally low. The core silk, velvet and other materials used in the mid-range stockings are higher in vision, feel and wear. The price is naturally higher. The yarns used in imported high-grade stockings not only have better elasticity coefficient but also are finer. Many of them also add high-tech DuPont Lycra fiber. The cost of raw materials for a pair of high-grade stockings is several hundred times more expensive than that of low-end stockings. The price is of course Not the same day.

Design concept and weaving process Ordinary stockings are woven according to the traditional cylindrical weave. However, the legs are not cylindrical, and the stockings are easy to have color difference; the high-grade stockings will weave the whole leg and foot shape. In the elastic coefficient, the scientific elastic coefficient is 7 to 5 to 3, the thigh part is the strongest, the lower leg is the second, and the ankle is the smallest, so that the weaving stockings can be evenly colored without chromatic aberration. In addition, the good stockings use the fish net weave. In one place, the broken silk will only stay in a small area and will not spread out. In this case, the stockings will naturally be more durable and have a longer service life. Of course, this weave is quite costly and must be woven with a fine yarn. In this case, the resulting cost difference is also very obvious.