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Structure of socks
- Jun 29, 2018 -

The structure of socks is mainly composed of: veil, backing, and elastic

Veil (including cotton, nylon, polyester, eyeliner, polyester, etc.)

In medicine, there is “look and feel to ask”. Then we can distinguish the raw materials by observing their shapes, touching, burning changes, etc. to understand their performance.

The case of nylon, feel full lubrication, bright color, even dry, burning will have a pungent odor, resulting in black combustion

We must learn to distinguish the difference between 10S or 21S and 32S. S is the unit of yarn thickness. The larger the number in front, the finer the cotton yarn. At the same time, we must understand the code of each raw material. Cotton is usually represented by C, involving fine When cotton is carded, JC, TK and polyester are used to represent T, and acrylic is represented by A.

Yarn (including nylon, spandex, polyester, etc.)

Spandex is characterized by high elongation and high elasticity. Usually, the outer layer is wrapped with nylon yarn or polyester yarn as the backing yarn. Generally /70 represents the nylon bag, /75 represents the polyester bag, and the size of the number can only be decided. The yarn thickness

Socks on the exquisite designs, usually nylon or high-elastic or polypropylene yarn to weave, generally nylon feel smoother, brighter color, uniform color, elastic after stretching, and high elasticity is the opposite