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Stacking socks matching skills
- Sep 05, 2018 -

1, in the middle of the tube candy color Sensing socks; whether it is summer or winter is very popular in this pile of socks, cotton material, summer wear will not stinky feet, and the middle of the tube can keep warm in winter. There are all kinds of colors, and you can start with multiple pairs of clothes. Different styles of clothes, pants and shoes have different feelings. The vertical stripes are literary and retro, and the literary youth is a must-have item.

2, cotton pumping socks basic socks; GET brand new style, you still lack a pair of socks. Basic essentials, solid color classics, can be matched with a variety of different styles of clothing, cool style with a pair of bright colored socks, with contrast and embellishment effect. With the waist skirt, the eyes of all of you with literary atmosphere are turning to you.

3, retro wool warmth through the socks; due to the warmth of wool and soft natural attributes, many people like to buy woolen coats or sweaters in winter. This sock is made of wool and feels soft and soft to the touch. In the winter in the north, no girl would cry cold when wearing a pair of such socks.

4, snowflake thickening wool college wind female socks; thicker version of the literary retro series, the Mori girls who are struggling in the classroom will never be afraid of cold in winter. The thick line of weaving design, which looks very rough, is actually quite neutral. So whether you are a young artist or an uncle type, you can rest assured.

5, retro national wind Sen couple socks; rare men and women with the same couple socks, not only can wear lovers, but also wear a couple socks show love, low-key has connotation! A variety of colors to choose from, are very tasteful and have a special taste of the color, will not ruin the color of the street, color color processing is very in place, thick line solid color basic models.

6, two bars Japanese college student socks; Haitao in recent years, I feel that the girls around are very fond of buying all kinds of small Japanese items. Japanese-style piles of socks are very popular in Japan, and Chinese girls like it too. The design of the two bars, the feel of the contrast color, the long pile of pile socks, is suitable for matching all kinds of shoes and pants.

7, college wind forest in the long pile of stockings; looks like all the piles of socks are made of pure cotton material, skin-friendly, breathable, comfortable and soft and some other natural attributes. The high-quality vertical stripes embossed pattern, the layering is obvious, the natural accumulation of the design, the details are the best to reflect the quality, indicating that its quality can be assured. Girls, are you sure you don't start with a pair of small winter shoes?

8, striped basic wild cotton socks; every girl has a princess dream when I was young, then this socks is best for you! Lace design, named the Princess Mori series, put on it you are a small public! With the academic style of the short skirt fried chicken sticks, highlighting the beauty of your sweet and lovely temperament, is also necessary for the ageing socks.

9, 3 bars Harajuku student socks; words that the vertical stripes of the clothes and pants are relatively thin, the vertical striped socks are both thin and elongated height ratio, it looks higher. The design of the three bars, the classic representative of Harajuku style, the Harajuku style, you must not miss it! The double knitting method is used to show the details.

10, simple in the pile of piles of socks women; I believe that the Korean drama was very hot some time ago: the descendants of the sun, inside the male and female protagonist wearing small white shoes, and later everywhere are small white shoes, red all over the world. This pair of white shoes is the best match for you. The five colors are optional, all of them are cool style. This year will definitely be very popular. Get started and walk in the forefront of fashion.