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Socks manufacturing process
- Sep 05, 2018 -

1, the raw material color proofing ─ ─ ─ order raw material ─ ─ ─ the sock design ─ ─ ─ socks proofing ─ ─ ─ to determine process 2, large socks goods production ─ - - plane test - - sewing kao mouth - finishing packaging stereotypes finishing

 2, socks specific weaving process: 1, according to different countries and regions, different seasons and different occasions, different careers, different price points needed for male, female, children's purchase of socks.2. According to the required socks, socks manufacturers choose different main and auxiliary raw materials and jacquard materials.3. Make sample socks and prenatal samples according to customers' needs.4. Choose original and auxiliary materials according to the sample socks selected by the customer.5. Based on the customer's selected sample socks and hosiery manufacturer's engineers and technicians, work out a reasonable hosiery weaving process.