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Socks introduction
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Socks are a large category of weft knitted fabrics, including stockings, stockings, stockings and pantyhose. Women's stockings are worn on the legs, the socks are 74 to 84 cm long; the middle socks are worn below the knees, the men's socks are 42 to 45 cm long, and the women's socks are 38 to 40 cm long; stockings Also known as stockings, men's socks are 17.5 to 23.5 cm long, and women's socks are 16.5 to 20 cm long.

The weft knitting machine for weaving stockings has a sock machine and a flat socks machine. The stockings of the stockings of the stockings are thin and the elasticity is insufficient. The flat socks machine can make the number of stitches in the legs of the socks more than the crotch, and the upper and lower densities are uniform and elastic, and the wearing is comfortable. The stockings and stockings are woven with a sock machine. There are two ways to weave short stockings: one is to weave directly with a sock machine; the other is to weave the ribs of the socks with a rib machine and then weave them into a sock machine. Pantyhose, also known as ballet socks, first weaves the stockings and trousers on the sock machine, and then makes the pantyhose.

The socks are divided into cotton yarn socks, silk stockings, wool socks, nylon stockings, nylon silk elastic stockings and various interwoven blended socks. Cotton yarn socks have poor fastness and wear resistance. Wool socks are generally woven with double-knit velvet, which is warm and strong, and has good elasticity and moisture absorption. Silk stockings are soft and smooth, but because the silk is smooth, the coils are easily dislodged. Nylon stockings and elastic nylon stockings have good strength and wear resistance, and elastic nylon stockings also have the advantages of fluffiness, softness, elasticity and good warmth. There are also some special-purpose socks, such as paddy socks and medical socks. The paddy socks are field labor protection products, which have good performance of no water seepage, heat insulation, cold resistance, smooth surface and no mud. The socks are woven with cotton yarn, and the wearable parts are reinforced with nylon yarn and treated with a colloidal solution composed of polyvinyl chloride resin, dioctyl phthalate, benzene monochloride, dibutyltin laurate and the like. Medical socks are made of elastic nylon yarn and elastic silk and other materials for varicose veins, vasculitis, lymphadenopathy and other patients for auxiliary medical use.