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Socks industry prospects
- Sep 05, 2018 -

According to statistics, the annual output of Chinese socks has exceeded 13 billion pairs, and the annual sales income is between 35 billion and 50 billion. This figure is still increasing at a rate of 5%-8% every year. As a necessities and consumables of life, socks are generally consumed in 6-10 pairs per person per year. At the same time, socks have become fashionable and popular, and they are in line with clothing, underwear and shoes. Different socks are worn on different occasions. As a kind of underwear that can be exposed, socks have been separated from life, work, entertainment and communication. Perfect match, stylish and beautiful.

Experts pointed out that the next three to five years will be a full-scale outbreak of the socks market. By then, the growth rate of socks consumption will be as high as 20%, the total sales value will be more than 800 billion yuan, and the huge socks market will soon be blown out. Socks monopoly will become a hot spot for investment by people of insight.

It is not difficult for us to judge that with such a high growth rate, China will surely become the largest consumer of socks in the world. Behind such a huge business opportunity, there is a lack of socks chain monopoly institutions, a single type, poor quality, lack of features, the market needs a full range of inexpensive, stylish taste of socks, to meet the public's personal need.

    Nair socks chain store came into being, and timely proposed the concept of the whole family's socks township. And with its impactful visual system, a full range of domestic and international specialty socks, fair prices, quality service quickly became the industry leader.

    China has never lacked the tide of the market. Huge business opportunities call for people of insight to develop; beautiful businesses need us to care; the last barrel of rich mines in the fashion industry is waiting for us to dig together.

    The market advantage of socks is far from a point. It also has small socks, everyone needs, fast replacement, high profits and many other advantages. Especially in terms of profit. In China, the average profit of the manufacturing industry is about 15%, the food industry is about 13%, and the catering industry is about 30%. The profit of socks is as high as 50%-70%. The advantages in terms of cost are also outstanding, and the expenses for operating staff and lighting electricity in socks store are not large.

    We firmly believe that Nair Socks Chain Store will surely become one of the most popular franchise projects in the 21st century. And Nil Lizhi has become the first brand of socks chain store, I hope we can "socks" the last barrel of fashion industry!