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Socks basic materials knowledge
- Jun 29, 2018 -

A, plant fiber

1. Cotton COTTON

a, according to the thickness of the unit 'branch' (M/G is the unit weight per gram of rice length) points: 80,960,45,32,21 and so on.

b. The number of yarns or yarns per yarn weave may be divided into single yarns, double yarns, etc., and denoted as S/1 and S/2 respectively; for example, 32S/1 and 32S/2 respectively represent 32 single yarns, 32 Double shares.

c, according to the accuracy of yarn quality can be divided into combed mercerized cotton, mercerized cotton, combed cotton, semi-combed cotton, cotton.

d. There are points of first dyeing (colored yarn) and post-dyeing (first sock blank re-dyeing) on the process.

2. HUMP: A few European and American countries are the most popular.

3, other types.

B. Animal fibers

1, wool WOOL: generally used for winter products, such as wool tights.

2, rabbit hair: Because the price is lower than wool, it is generally used to replace the former.

3, other types.

C, chemical fiber

1, acrylic:

a. There are 28, 24, 12, 32 and so on.

b. There is a single share, double share, etc.; the representation is the same as cotton yarn.

c. Substances or specific gravity of acrylic and limb acrylic, glossy acrylic and matt acrylic.

2, polyester:

a. There are 150,75 Danny and so on in the unit of "Danny".

b. According to the number of yarns or strands of the constituent yarns, they are divided into single strands and double strands; they are represented by D/1 and D/2, for example, 75D/1, 75D/2.

3, In Lun: Ibid.

4, nylon:

There are 200,150,100,70,50,30,15 Danny and so on. Note: The difference with the unit "branch" of cotton acrylic is that the bigger the number of "Danny" is, the thicker it is, and the smaller the number of "Danny" is, the smaller it is.

5, other types

D. Blended raw materials

1. Polyester-cotton: cotton-polyester blend: 70% cotton, 30% cotton, 65% cotton (T/C), etc.

2. Clear blended yarns, fine-wool blended blends and other raw materials.

E. Spandex, also known as baling silk, is a rubber nude belt outsourcing a nylon or polyester. Commonly used are 20/12, 20/15, 20/30, 20/70, 20/75, 30/70, 30/75, 40/70, 40/75 and so on. The figures in front indicate the thickness of the elastic band, such as 20, 40, and the figures behind it indicate the number of "Danny" in nylon or polyester.

F, other raw materials