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Socks are graded, high-end socks standard
- Sep 05, 2018 -

First of all, there must be a mat, that is, there should be a circle like a towel at the bottom of the sock, so it is called a terry. The main role of the loop is to increase the elasticity between the shoe and the foot. At the same time, it also fully increases the area of the material of the sock in contact with the air, so that it has better moisture wicking.

The height, density and location of the loop should be different for different intensity movements. In high-altitude mountaineering or very long-distance walking, there should be loops on the soles of the feet and feet, and the height and density of the loops are the highest, so that the feet can be better and more comprehensive. protection.

Secondly, there must be a fixed amount of elastic fixation on the arch of the sock, so that the socks can be well attached to the feet. When the sole of the person touches the ground, if normal, the arch of the foot touches the ground at least. When walking, the arch is subjected to the least friction. At the same time, this is the middle of the whole sole. It is most suitable to fix it. . Elastic fixation can not be too tight, too tight will affect the blood circulation, and can not be too loose, otherwise it will not play a fixed role, the socks will run on the feet.

In addition, the toe and heel of the socks must be thickened, the force of the heel is the largest, and the toes are relatively weak, special protection is necessary. The splicing of the toe tip and the sock part of the sock must be flat, and must not be edged, otherwise it is easy to wear the foot.

The choice of socks is very important to us. When choosing, be sure to understand your specific situation and make a choice.