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Sock pattern design and program plate making
- Sep 05, 2018 -

1: pattern design:

A pair of socks have different styles and different flower patterns. This requires design according to different needs. The form of the socks design belongs to the graphic design. The format is the artisan format. It uses the presence or absence of the grid to form the overall pattern. The current design. It has been replaced by a computer. Its design procedure principle is: convert the pattern code of the computer design into the identification code of the socks machine, and control the needles through the needle selector jacquard blade to achieve the purpose of jacquard. Asymmetry, two sides are continuous, and the four sides are continuous.

What is the difference between 4F, 5F, 6F, 7F machines, F is the code name of the sock machine needle selector, 4F is the 4 needle selection machine in the sock machine, 5F means there are 5 needle selectors in the sock machine, and so on. There are 4 or 5 needle selectors in the sock machine, so dozens of colors can be programmed in the same row in the socks. Note that two colors cannot be programmed in the same needle selector.

2: Programming

There are different stages in a pair of socks, such as single-needle jacquard socks divided into three stages, namely, the mouth, the mouth, the mouth, the upper tube, the heel, the lower tube, the bridge, the toe, and the head line. It is necessary to instruct the triangle, the sickle to advance and retreat, which requires programming. In general, the basic program of the semi-computer equipment and the full computer equipment has been set up, but the special pattern needs to be reprogrammed.

3: Pattern plate making

Pattern plate making refers to the operation process of converting a graphic manuscript into a recognition code of a sock machine through a computer pattern code, which includes steps of designing the number of towns - drawing a pattern - setting a yarn path - setting control information, pattern plate making and programming It is closely combined.

Socks prototype proofing, seaming, shaping

In order to ensure that the design products meet the specified requirements and the stages can be carried out smoothly, in order to better control the products, an order requires a small amount of experiment before the production of large quantities to master various data.

According to the customer's instruction pattern, the production model is first established. The number of needles and the size of the socks include the stretching process, the raw materials of the products, the way of the combination, and the second is to establish the auxiliary requirements.

In the process of proofing, we have established a good sock process, a medium-sized yarn color card, and a raw material ratio of socks to prepare for large-scale production.

In the process of proofing, the process of sewing, shaping and finishing is involved. The sewing of the product is good or bad, which directly affects the appearance. The current socks are generally divided into two types: the seam head and the computer seam.