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Sock knowledge--Material
- Sep 05, 2018 -

the material The most popular close-fitting fabric in the world is: cotton. Socks are no exception, and cotton socks are the most popular. There are many kinds of cotton, which are generally divided into low-grade to high-grade cotton, semi-combed cotton, combed cotton and mercerized cotton. The difference between them is the purity of the cotton fiber. The higher the purity, the less impurities in the cotton fiber, and the more the long fibers, the less likely it is to pilling. Cotton has good moisture absorption properties, so wearing cotton socks is not easy to stinky. At present, the main reason for posing cotton socks on the market is polyester yarn, which is very similar to cotton. The average person does not know how to distinguish. Polyester yarn is an artificial chemical fiber. Like plastic, it is not very absorbent. It will be curled like a plastic and smelly when burned with a lighter. The cotton thread is a natural fiber. After burning with fire, it is the same as burning hair. Disappeared, and there is no smell. In addition, in the hand, polyester cotton is not strong due to its hygroscopicity. When the hands are a little fat, it feels oily; while cotton can wash off the oil on the hands, it feels very supple and not greasy. In addition, some cotton is added to the polypropylene yarn, such cotton socks are very light, will K hand; and cotton added polyester yarn, called polyester cotton, is also very light, use a lighter to distinguish it.