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Maintenance and proper cleaning of socks
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Socks are a small item, but everyone will wear it. Some people don't like to wash their socks. When they pass through, they will throw them away. They feel sweaty, they are inconvenient to clean, and they can't remove the taste.

Once people walk, their feet will sweat, especially in the summer, many people do not like to wear sandals, wearing other shoes can not avoid wearing socks, but also inevitably sweating caused by sweat. Teach you some correct ways to clean your socks so that you don't have to worry about cleaning your socks.

Some people wear socks because of the severe odor caused by sweating under the feet. They can't remove the taste with soap and moisturizer. In fact, when washing socks, using some vinegar to wash can remove the odor and also sterilize. effect. Vinegar itself also eliminates fatigue. People walk too much, have pain in their feet, and can also use vinegar to soak their feet.

Ordinary cotton socks should be changed frequently. Soak them in clean water for about 2 hours each time. Then use soap and hot water to remove the dirt on the socks.

Pure stockings, artificial silk stockings, nylon stockings, etc., also wash gently with soap when washing, do not use too much force, socks should be dried after washing, do not expose to the sun or dry.

When the wool socks are washed, the soap should be melted in the hot water. After the water is cooled, put the socks in and gently rub them with your hands. For the socks and socks with more dirt, you can wipe the soap. Can be washed clean. After the socks are washed, rinse them with water, slightly dry, hang in a cool, ventilated place, or cover them in the sun with a white cloth.

These methods can effectively remove the dirt of the socks, clean the cleaning, and extend the life of the socks.