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How to choose a scarf in different seasons
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Spring day - silk

Silk is the most commonly used material for making scarves. The silk scarves made from this material not only shine the charming luster, but also have natural wrinkles. They look natural and beautiful. Wearing such a silk scarf to attend the formal occasion is no longer appropriate. The elegant and gorgeous silk scarf is hanging on the chest. It is stable but not lack of feeling, but beautiful but not flirtatious, it is silent to show your tender feelings.

Silk natural fiber is free from static electricity in dry and windy spring, and has good thermal insulation and elasticity. Apart from that, its soft care makes it absolutely invisible in shaping various shapes, and I believe it will be favored by you. Although this scarf can also be washed at home, but you like a scarf, you'd better send it to a professional laundry. In addition, don't forget that silk scarves are easy to be eaten by worms when they are in storage.

Summer days - Hemp

In the midsummer, linen silk scarves became Jacqueline's most agreeable choice, and nothing else could reveal her noble and refined temperament better than linen silk scarves.  This material wear scarves feel refreshing and any summer collocation up very easily. If you happen to be a OL in an air-conditioned environment, a linen scarf is more like a "fashion bodyguard", both beautiful and capable of resisting the injury to the neck and shoulder of the air conditioner.

Linen silk scarves are easy to fold, but their natural folds are more romantic and aristocratic. When storing, you should gently fold the scarves and not be pressed by heavy objects, so that no dead wrinkles can be produced.

Autumn time - Cotton

In the autumn cool gradually, cotton scarf is the most intimate and comfortable choice for Jacqueline. Cotton scarves can help you resist the autumn wind, and its lightweight fabrics will not hide your charm under heavy material. This characteristic creates a stage for cotton scarves to show leisure styles.  Therefore, whether it's going out for a play or a friend gathering, a cotton scarf is a good choice for you.

It should be noted that the cotton scarves dyed with herbal dyes are faded when they are washed, so they should not be mixed with other clothes to avoid being dyed.

Cold winter - Pashmina

Pashmina is the meaning of the Persian wool, which is more advanced than Cashmere, which we often hear, and thus softer and warm, and its heating function is eight times that of a common woolen scarf. Pashmina is the thinnest, soft, and warm material in the world. It comes from a goat (Capra Hircus) that is unique to the Himalaya mountain area of 4500 meters above sea level, especially from the shoulder and abdomen of sheep, so it is especially silky. After being cleaned, these wool should be brushed by hand into thin, almost fluoroscopic yarns, and then 30% of the silk as the weft and 70% of the Pashmina yarn for the warp, hand woven into shawls, and then bleaching and dyeing. If you add rust pattern, it will take a year to make a shawl. The made Pashmina shawl is light, elegant and easy to carry. It is the most expensive fashion bodyguard, making women elegant and natural in cold winter.

Noble Pashmina scarves should be kept clean when wearing. Use a soft brush gently brush head along the direction of the electrostatic latent dust can be removed, and prevent moths, the plush Shun fu. If stained with stains, wash it in time. Attention should be paid to light shading in order to prevent color fading.