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Health knowledge of the foot
- Apr 16, 2018 -

People often say that feet are the second hearts of people, and the importance of foot health is visible. The Chinese classic "Huangdi Neijing" has a detailed introduction to the meridians and acupoints in the Huangdi, and there are many meridians and acupoints in the foot.

The meridian line is connected by the point point of each part of the body to stimulate the acupoints in the reflexes of the foot. The stimulation signal will be conducted along the meridian line along the meridian line through the way of "Domino's bone card", thus playing the role of dredging the meridians and preventing the disease. 6 of the 12 channels and collaterals of the whole body lead to double feet, such as the great town of the liver, the Tai Dun, the majority of the splenic meridians, the gushing spring, the valley and so on, and with the other meridians, together with the near 40 points, it can be said that the foot heart and the whole body are connected. Therefore, the medicine of the motherland has long been "taking off the disease and treating all kinds of diseases to cure foot", that is to stimulate the foot. Acupoints can regulate the functions of the whole body meridian and the five viscera and six organs, such as the stimulation of Yongquan point to treat hypertension, insomnia, vertigo, headache and heart pain, and stimulate the inner court to treat stomach pain, abdominal pain, indigestion, and stimulate the disease of the urinary system in Dun cave.

"The foot is not healthy", the foot distance from the "first heart" is the farthest, the position is the lowest, easy to appear "qi stagnation of blood stasis", so there are "no old leg first decline", "people to old age to protect foot" and other common saying.

The human body has many independent functions, but why do we pay enough attention to this part of the foot?

This is because the foot is larger than the hand, ear, nose, lip and other organs. The amount of human information is much more, and the "information image" is clearer. At the same time, the foot muscles are relatively rich, the capillaries and nerve endings are relatively rich, they are far away from the heart and the blood circulation is weak, so the stimulation effect on the foot is better than that of the foot. Other organs. But this does not exclude other local stimuli.

There is a kind of therapy called reflexology in Europe and America. According to this therapy, all parts of the human body have their corresponding positions on the feet, stimulating these locations to treat diseases of the corresponding organs and systems. This is the same as the above theory.

Medical researchers also found that foot abnormalities often indicate that you may have underlying diseases. Now let's take a look at some of the following symptoms. If you have it, you can't be careless.

1. First, toenail numbness is a manifestation of cardiovascular disease.

2. There is a small white fat mass on the foot of the foot. It is a symbol of hypertension.

3. Fourth toe lateral palpate edema may have hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

4, if the big toe is often swollen, should carefully check, to exclude diabetes.

5. Toe nail bump is not normal, check whether there is chronic disease of liver and kidney.

6. The edema of the foot and ankle is the manifestation of heart and kidney disease.

7. There are many urological calculi on the back of the foot.

8 - purple spots in the medial malleolus appeared gynecological diseases.

9. Edema on the back and toe of the foot often indicates pelvic inflammatory disease or pleurisy.

10 / second foot edema, third is often associated with ocular fundus disease.

11. Toenail is embedded in meat or hooked. It often indicates multiple neuritis, neurasthenia or vasculitis.

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