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General process of hosiery
- Sep 05, 2018 -

preparation, weaving, sewing head, roller head, dyeing, shaping, packaging

Warehouse machine room sewing workshop dyeing workshop stereotyped room packaging workshop shipment warehouse

1. Weaving: the process of raw materials being weaved into socks by the machine, the quality impact: A, model; B needle number; C, syringe size; D, material and model.

2, the seam: the process of suturing the tip of the sock: break-up (hand-to-day), machine seam (automatic on the day), computer automatic seam head), tie bone, quality influencing factors; seam head, seam line Quality, color, worker's level of operation

3, the seam head: After the part of the toe is folded back, it is stitched in the sock, and the joint of the sock is hidden, similar to the side of the sock. Influencing factors; A, material and quality of the roller line; B, the level of operation of the workers

4. Dye: The embryo sock is dyed with the required color. Quality influencing factors;

A, dye B, dyeing time, temperature. C, yarn material D, sock body oil.

5. Stereotype: The embryo socks are fixed in shape according to the pressure of the feet. Quality influencing factors;

A, temperature B, pressure C sock embryo material D, stereotypes sock

6, packaging: the outer packaging of the sock embryo, the influencing factors; A, the technical level of the workers B, packaging tools and materials, such as: booking machine, set a gun, OOP bag, etc.