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General introduction about socks knowledge
- Sep 06, 2018 -

The sense of flatness of the socks is reflected in the image of the side view. When people are walking, the side view image can best give people a visually dynamic effect. In the clothing accessories, the image of the socks is often applied to the style of the product packaging, and such a side view image and shape are often displayed, and the features and patterns of the body are displayed in front of us.

Women's socks of various colors and patterns have geometric patterns and various patterns that are concentrated on the waist of the socks. Because of this kind of socks, it is suitable for low-cut shoes, so there are various patterns of changes in the joint between the pants and the stockings to show the beauty of the socks.

A variety of cotton perforated socks and socks with decorative socks, in a variety of flat patterns in the surface beauty of the show. From the hollow socks, we saw the weaving pattern on the surface of the socks, with a strong craftsmanship. If you combine it with ethnic costumes, you have a flavor. In the socks with flowers on the side of the socks, the red socks are combined with the red-tone costumes, and the overall feeling will be stronger. The combination of black socks and black-tone shoes or black-toned clothing will make the overall clothing statement more relevant and more natural.

In the world of socks, although the socks are small, they have the saying that they are worn. Like this kind of shoes, it is functional: it is a series of casual socks, with a convenient, relaxed and natural flat image.