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General classification of socks
- Sep 05, 2018 -

A, according to the object points: 1, men's socks 2, women's socks 3, children's socks a, boys b, girls 4, baby socks 5, the elderly socks 

B, according to raw materials: ordinary raw materials: fabric (including cotton, nylon , polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, polyester, etc.); bottom yarn (including nylon, spandex, polyester, etc.) 1, cotton socks: a, cotton pull socks = cotton cotton + spandex spandex (nylon silk rubber bare belt) b, pure Cotton socks = cotton cotton + nylon nyljonc, chemical fiber socks 1, acrylic socks ACRYLIC (divided with light, no light; dry, wet acrylic) 2, polyester socks POLYYTER 3, nylon socks NYLON 4, polyester socks T/C d, Wool socks WOOL e, hemp socks HEMP f, other raw materials 2, stockings NYLON or full spandex: 

C, according to the length of the socks: 1, short stockings SOCKS (two bones) 2, stockings KNEE-HIGH (three bones 3, stockings STOCKING (four bones) 4, tights PANTYHOUSE 5, nine pants tights FOOTLESS 6, cropped trousers 7, five Pants 8, boat socks (ultra-short) 9, other (knife socks that are knee-socks for three bones and a half) 

D, according to the socks machine and needles: 1, domestic single-needle socks 2, double-needle socks 3, single needle towel socks 4, computer socks (single needle) 5, computer double needle towel socks 6, other (such as computer double needle socks) 

E, other classification: 1, flat socks and jacquard socks, flowers, flowers and Tonghua socks 2, plain socks, colored socks 3, footwear, tights and pantyhose 4, dance socks, casual socks, gentleman socks, shoes and socks, Christmas socks, student socks, sports socks, football socks, Basketball socks, candy socks, etc. 5, lace socks, doll socks, etc