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Do you want a new baby to wear a hat?
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Do you want a baby with a hat? First of all, we first understand the purpose of the baby to wear a hat. If the baby goes out to wear a hat, it is to keep warm, wind, sand, prevent the sun and so on, and if the baby does not go out, then the purpose of wearing a hat is only one, that is to keep warm. It has been found that the temperature of the human body about 1/3 is emitted from the head when the temperature is around L5 C. When the temperature is around 4, the human body is about 1/2 heat from the head; and when the temperature is around zero l0, the body heat can "run away" from the head.

The baby's head accounts for almost half of the body's volume. Compared with adults, the head's heat dissipation accounts for a larger proportion. So in cold weather, we should pay attention to the baby's hat. Conversely, if the weather is hot, or the indoor heating is enough in winter, it is not necessary to wear a hat for the baby, otherwise it will easily cover up the sweat, and it will catch the wind and catch cold.

How do you buy the right hat for your baby?

Newborns usually don't wear hats unless they are young with small weight or low indoor temperature or need to wear when they go out. So, how does Mom choose a suitable hat for the baby?

1. Best choice of cotton hat

The baby's small head has delicate skin and poor adaptability to climate change, so we should choose a cotton hat with light texture, soft handle and heat insulation and permeability.

2, size and head circumference.

Generally according to the circumference of the head circumference of 1-2 cm (or 0.3 cm in diameter enlargement of the head circumference), the proper size of the size is to be relaxed to prevent the cap from being too tight, to the child's head development, and to prevent the hat from shrinking.

3. Don't choose a hard hat

If the hat is too heavy and strong, it is not only uncomfortable for infants but also irritating to the skin of the head.

4, choose no slouch hat

The baby cap is best to choose a hat without a hat, so that it can be convenient for mother to hold and breast feed, while sleeping on cradles and beds, and can see things around.