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Do newborns wear socks?
- Apr 16, 2018 -

As the development of the various organs of the newborn is not mature enough, the adjustment ability of the body temperature is poor, especially in the cold winter. With the growth of the child, his ability to move more and more, the range of activities also increased, wearing socks can reduce or avoid damage to the skin and toe of the child's foot. At the same time, because of more exposure to the outside environment, some dirty things easily invade children through the baby's delicate skin and tender skin, increase the chance of infection, and socks can play the role of protection. Parents should pay attention to the baby's choice of loose soft socks, so as not to affect the normal development of children's feet.

The baby must have 4 kinds of socks

(1) skidproof socks. Foot with soft rubber patterns baby socks is anti-skid socks. Because the baby's center of gravity is not stable, and likes to run and jump, it is easy to fall on the smooth floor, so it is necessary to wear antiskid socks.

Antiskid socks are outside socks and try not to wear in the shoes. Wear soft soled footwear when there is ordinary wear socks. Carpets and BB foam pads help prevent slippery.

Thin cotton socks. Baby summer socks. Thin cotton socks should pay attention to the selection of colors, and the best color selection is not suitable, because sweating may cause color blocks to decolorization. The more simple the socks are, the higher the coefficient of insurance.

(3) pure cotton socks: spring and autumn season. The thin and thick cotton socks.

(4) woolen stockings / cashmere socks. Baby socks can have some elasticity, that is, a small number of Lycra ingredients, but the main components must also be cotton and wool.