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Different ways of scarf washing
- Apr 16, 2018 -

The scarf became indispensable for heating because of the cold weather. It is better to wash the scarves before wearing them. Different materials and scarves are also different.

Cotton scarf can be used to soak detergent wash, dry, can put the laundry bag in the washing machine drying after drying.

Knitted chemical scarf is not soaked before washing, and diluted with warm water after washing. It is washed, dehydrated and aired directly.

Wool scarves should be washed by professional neutral detergent. It is easy to wear, and can not be used too fast when washing, so we must take off the accessories on hand.  The time of hand washing and dehydration is not too long, and it is not allowed to dry. It can only dry naturally. Cashmere scarves are suitable for hand washing with neutral detergent or wool special detergent. When washing, avoid fingernails, ornaments and other sharp objects hooking. The time for dehydration is short. After washing, put it in ventilated place to dry.

Mulberry silk scarves should be washed by hand washing with neutral wool and wool detergent, and alkaline detergent, soap or detergent should not be used, otherwise it will not shine or even fade after washing. Dehydration can be done lightly and dry naturally, so as to avoid insolation.