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Differences in socks materials
- Sep 05, 2018 -

The composition, type and style of socks are diverse, and there are some professional terms and vocabulary, which are summarized here. According to the composition of the socks:

1. Core wire, velvet

Core-wrapped wire: refers to a spandex cored wire wrapped with nylon wire or wound on a spandex yarn. The wire-spun woven with cored wire has the advantages of high flexibility of nylon yarn and high brightness. .

Velvet: Its raw materials are all unidirectional core-spun yarn or two-way core yarn. The woven socks have high elasticity, soft handfeel, finer transparency than nylon stockings, elegant appearance, high durability and wear resistance, a little matt, warmth ratio The core wire is good.

Core silk and velvet are the raw materials of the better stockings. However, the velvet making process is more complicated and the performance is stronger than the cored silk. Generally, the warmthing pantyhose in winter is made of velvet. In summer, it is mostly Core silk stockings, ultra-thin velvet stockings are also very good in summer.

2. Plush socks, half velvet socks

Plush socks are socks that look like a towel on the bottom. Deodorant, with sweat absorption. It is breathable and prevents sliding injury during exercise, and it is comfortable to wear. Just like stepping on the lawn. Dressed plush socks also have a protective effect on the easily cracked ankle. Plush socks are very handy and elastic. And there is the effect of keeping warm and cold.

Floor socks. The soft appearance makes you feel comfortable. Wear it in the room and warm your feet. When you watch TV and play with your computer, it’s very good. It’s very soft, thick and warm. The thick fabric makes you feel comfortable in the room, winter essential socks. Light and warm.

Plush socks mainly include: boat socks, medium tube, long tube, non-slip, thicker, striped, love-shaped, star, cartoon, Korean three-dimensional models.

3. Wool socks

Wool socks are made of wool, and the wool content in wool socks ranges from 20% to 30%.

Wool socks feel soft, comfortable, breathable, will not bring skin discomfort, can continue to adhere to the dry and warm feet, to ensure your outdoor sports in the winter. Very suitable for the southern winter climate. Wool socks are warm and comfortable. Wool is called a living, life-like fiber that "breathes" fiber and can be used to release wet sweat from the skin.

And the winter's moisture is blocked, at the same time. Wool socks of the same thickness lock the heat in place compared to cotton, linen or other synthetic fiber socks. Fabric experts have discovered through years of research. Because of its unique appearance with a scaly layer, it is more comfortable and warmer than normal fiber socks.

4. Ice silk

Ice silk is the trade name of a chemical fiber, which is precisely the name of a foreign product of a denatured polymer fiber. Since there is no large-scale production of such fibers in China, there are not many similar products on the market. The hygroscopicity and gas permeability of the fibers are better than those of ordinary gelatin fibers, and they also have better shape retention and drape.

5. Mercerized cotton socks

Mercerized cotton socks are a kind of cotton socks. The ordinary cotton socks are added with several steps to make them, so the texture and feel are better than ordinary cotton socks and cotton socks. Mercerized cotton socks are not stockings, high-quality cotton socks, of course, pay attention to the choice of brand when buying, some non-brand socks will be different in the production process and the cotton used, resulting in a decline in quality.