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The advantages and disadvantages of bamboo fiber socks
- Jun 29, 2018 -

What are the benefits of bamboo fiber socks

1, bamboo fiber socks perspiration, breathable effect is good, summer has a good deodorant effect.

2, to prevent athlete's foot, bamboo fiber socks can well kill most of the foot bacteria, prevent the spread of athlete's foot and other bacteria. Secondly, the athlete's foot is largely caused by the sultryness of the foot. The air permeability and moisture wicking effect of the bamboo fiber socks is very good, and it is very good in inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

3, warm and healthy, a pair of good bamboo fiber socks on the foot can play a very good protection, especially the vulnerable parts such as athlete's foot, winter can play a warm effect.

Disadvantages of bamboo fiber socks

1, fade, in order to maintain the natural features and functions of environmental protection, bamboo fiber fabrics are used plant dyes, color fastness than chemical stains, the first wash will fade, the more concentrated color, the more serious discoloration.

2. Abrasion resistance, based on the characteristics of the production process of bamboo fiber products, its abrasion resistance is not good with cotton fabrics, the higher the content, the more comfortable it is to use, and the less wear resistant it is, the easier it is to lose yarn than cotton products, and the life is not Long cotton fabrics.

3, there is washing is not convenient, bamboo fiber fabrics should not be forced to go back and forth, clean water can be gently wrung dry, not soaked in water for a long time, less washing supplies, to avoid exposure.