Baby Hats with Bows

Detail Information Of This Products THE PICTURES OF OUR FACTORY Our company specialized in produce below products Our Service !!! How to add your logo Why we need Hats ? 1. It is warm and cold for hair: The head is called "the exchange of all Yang". Medical research found that the...

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Detail Information Of This Products


Baby Hats with Bows


Other material is also available such as
Cotton, wool, acrylic


Any size can be available as customers' requirement


Soft & enticing. Combine warmth with style with any of our hats. Choose from our ready designs or share your design with us to make your own customized products. Will keep you warm and on-trend with smart or casual attire.


as the picture or you request

Logo Printing

Embroidery ,Silk Screen or Heat transfer or stock pattern


500pcs /design


Simple poly bag


Ningbo or Shanghai

Delivery time:

We aim to complete any order within 30-45 days, National Holidays not withstanding

Sample time

5-7 days


T/T, 30% deposit, 70% balance paid before delivery






Our company specialized in produce below products




Our Service !!!


How to add your logo



Why we need Hats ?

1. It is warm and cold for hair:

The head is called "the exchange of all Yang". Medical research found that the stationary state don't wear a hat, when environment temperature is 15 ℃, the heat from the head loss of the human body 30% of the total quantity of heat, 4 ℃, 60% of the total calories. If the head cold, can cause cerebrovascular contraction, light feel dizziness, headache, circulation and nutrition scalp hair follicle or cause metabolic disorders, resulting in nutrient unbalance of the hair or a lot of hair fall off naturally. Serious also can cause some disease to patronize. It can be seen that in the cold winter, the head and other parts of the body, also need to keep warm and cold.

2. Anti-dust and anti-pollution of hair:

Winter wind, dust, especially in today's era of pollution is more and more serious, when the hair is blown disorderly invisible at the same time, in the top of head hair microbes and stained with dirt like sand paper on the gravel, side wreak havoc on your scalp, in the daily comb your hair and your actions, increase the friction between the comb and hair and hair. Microbes that are not visible to the naked eye may cause your scalp to grow bacteria, which can cause hair follicle infection, which directly affects the living environment and quality of hair. Friction causes the hair to rise up on the surface of the hair, the surface of the hair will become rough, and it will cause the hair to split and break. At this time, wear a comfortable fashionable hat, be similar to give a hair to wear a dress that is both beautiful and protect function, effective stop the invasion of dirt and microbe.


3. Protect your hair against radiation:

Many love beautiful lady in the summer armed sun protection measures, especially in the colorful umbrella, is prevented bask in and show amorous feelings, but often ignore the power of the sun in winter, when you walk also always chasing the sun. In fact, because the air is dry and clear in winter, the uv penetration in the sun is not low, so it is impossible to take the winter sun lightly. Excessive sun exposure should still be prevented. So, in order to avoid the harm of ultraviolet ray, choose a style and color to match the hat with the clothing, not outside  is a fashionable and practical clever method.


4. When the hair is restrained, the hair is reduced:

In addition to the above three, there is a more important reason why hats are so popular. It's a simplification of the red tape. Ever need, in turn, the modelling of "play" product can save no, a little hat can not obedient hair honestly constraint on the top of the head and sides, both reduced the product to increase the burden of hair modelling, and tamed the naughty baby "hair", why not you?

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