• Company culture

    Only imperfect products, no picky customers.No one will refuse your smile.

  • Company honour

    It is our greatest honor to gain the trust of our clients and continue to cooperate.

  • Company history

    From one person to a company , from a room to many factory. we have ability to do everything

About Us

Qiangyi was established in 2015, started in a small room and now we have over 9000 square meter modern facility, more than 50 workers From our humble beginnings to present, our goals and direction have remained true. Our product has been shipped all over the world helping to make many company better performance in their business. We take great pride in this continuation of this business We have striven to provide the highest quality of the products, top level customer service, and beautiful arrangements for packaging. And our good business reputation favors us very well.

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    Cotton yarn is the yarn of cotton fiber via spinning process, and it is called cotton thread after processing.


    Spandex is short for polyurethane and is an elastic fiber.


    Elastic line and life for the rubber wire, rubber line, elastic thread,


    Polyamide, commonly known as Nylon, is known as Polyamide (PA),

From the News

  • 12/11
    This Week We Move Into Our New Office
    It's been so tiring these days.If you ask me why, haha, because we've been so busy moving into our new office lately.This is great news for our company.It's also a sign of our company's progress.We bought the new office and created a better working environment
  • 05/11
    After I Am Bread, Another Wonderful Protagoni...
    "The Adventures of Live Treasure Socks" tells the story of a pair of socks brothers who were paired in pairs. Suddenly one less, the other one is very anxious, pick up the weapons around him (including but not limited to rocket launchers
  • 05/11
    These Three Kinds Of Socks Are Quietly Jeopar...
    The weather has obviously become a lot colder, so everybody cares whether the child is full and warm, but also pay attention to the coldness of the child's feet. They all say that "the cold starts from the feet". If the bottom of the foot is not warm, it will also catch the cold. We know that it is not cold, the easiest way is to put socks on your child, but you know? In fact, picking socks is also very particular, the following three kinds of socks are not suitable for children to wear.